DIY Message On A Leaf For Wedding Leaf Place Cards, Birthday Parties, Fun Ideas For Kids!

Hooray for writing messages on a leaf! They are fun to do and personal.  Writing messages on a leaf for place cards are perfect for non-traditional brides.  They are unique and you can be as creative as you want.  You can even write motivational messages on them, write messages to remind you of something.  Write names on leaf for name tag instead of the traditional paper name tag.  

They make fun ideas for birthdays, bohemian wedding, woodland theme wedding.  Have guest write there name as they arrive and hang it with clothes pin and make a banner out of it.  Send a leaf with a message next time you send a birthday wish to someone,  how personal that would be.  

What you need:

Sharpie metallic Fine Point in either gold, silver, bronze that you can get at your local store, Walmart, Target, or Office Max.

Artificial leafs for writing your message on it.

All you need is your creativity and fun to the table and your good to go!