How To Create Floating Pearl Centerpieces -Transporting from A to B

Searching online for centerpieces can be overwhelming from flowers, to feathers to vase fillers pearls.  What to do, what to do.  

Finally you found something that you really like and you wonder.  Hmmm, how does it work. How does the pearls float?  so you buy a pack of pearls and dumped inside the vase and the pearls sink to the bottom.  Okay, now your either pissed because it didn't float or you just did not read the instructions.  So you go back and read the description and you realize, ooops you need something else to actually make the pearls float.  Hello, the pearls do not actually float by itself but instead its an illusion that seems like the pearls is floating.  Yip.  It's like installing a floating shelves, floating cabinets.  It's not actually floating, it's suspended with bolts and screws and stuff.  The same goes with creating floating pearl centerpieces.  The pearls is actually suspended with transparent gel beads that seems magically transparent invisible inside the vase when you add water so you can't actually see the gel beads but it's the gel beads that's actually keeping the pearls floating, how interesting.

When you finally figured out how to do the floating pearl centerpiece is actually super easy and fun to create.  Mixing colors and adding flowers are just the many fun things you can add to create your own unique centerpiece.  

Transporting it from Point A to point B is very easy.  

1.  Prep your gel beads will require 6-8 hours, best to do overnight in a bucket if your doing a lot. Normally 2 teaspoonful of gel bead which is about 500-600 pieces is good for one vase size of 9 inch high x 4 inch wide.  Normally 8 quarts of water is needed per 1000 gel beads so you will need to estimate how many vases you will need, so for example if you have 10 vases x 600, you will need 6000 gel beads. 

2. Drain excess water and transport container/bucket full of gels bead to venue just be sure to have just enough water inside the bucket enough to keep it hydrated.

3. At venue, arrange your vases and pour the gel beads inside the vase 1/2 full, add pearls, add water just enough to submerse the gel beads so you can't see it. The pearls should be floating use a spoon to move around the pearls to desired look, if the pearls start to sink, you probably have to much water or not enough gel beads. 

4.  Add candles, florals to create your own unique look.  Mixing 2-3 colors of pearls will give it a nice effect. 

Follow this link for additional instructions:

There you have it.  Be creative and enjoy :) xoxo