Overseas Wedding Destinations

One of the new trend for Brides and Grooms are opting to have their wedding overseas. It allows to incorporate a wedding with your honeymoon in an exotic location. Trying to organize an overseas wedding can help save you money.

Trying to organize an overseas wedding can seem daunting and costly, however with the help of a wedding coordinator/ planner who specializes in romantic wedding destinations all over the globe it can be simpler than having a wedding in OZ. With the average cost of weddings in Australia at between $30-$40 thousand dollars and overseas wedding can be more cost effective with wedding and honeymoon packages starting at less than ten thousand dollars.

A wedding planner/ coordinator may be the essential ingredient in organizing your overseas wedding. They will take care of all wedding licenses, they also have connections with photographers, venues, florists and all the other necessities you will require on the day. For your guests the wedding planner can liaise with a travel agent so that the guests will be located in the same hotel/resort or in close proximity to the wedding and can take advantage of any group discounts you may have arranged.

One of the disadvantages of having your wedding overseas is the guests. Generally speaking you will not have the same attendance with an overseas wedding as you would at home. Many newlyweds that have their wedding overseas will have a party for the guests that could not make it to the wedding. The guests that do make it can enjoy a holiday along with a great party.

There are many romantic wedding destinations you could choose. Imagine walking barefoot along the beautiful beaches of Thailand like Koh Samui. Picture a balmy breeze rustling through the palm trees and you exchanging your vows with a beautiful turquoise beach glistening in the background. There is nothing more romantic. Other beach locations include Tahiti, Vanuatu and Cook Islands.

Alternatively you can have your wedding in the beautiful city of Venice. After the ceremony you and your beloved can take a stroll in a gondola which you could symbolize you journey together. Get married in the rice fields of Vietnam or on a mountain top in Canada. Have a Las Vegas style wedding and enjoy the local entertainment and a little gambling down the strip. More romantic wedding locations include Tuscany or the South of France. Tie the Knot in the world's most romantic city - Paris with the Eiffel tower as a back drop.

Deciding where in the world to have your destination wedding can be an exciting and challenging adventure. Remember the world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your own imagination. Enjoy your wedding abroad.