Wisteria Hanging Flowers Picture Perfect Backdrop For Wedding & All Occasions!

In our current wedding couple this days is about concept and making it right for that special day.  For those that are getting married in the spring time - the picture is picture perfect when you have hanging wisteria flowers hanging from the ceiling, and drape all over to create that romantic vintage look. 

An outdoor backdrop with wisteria.  Maybe not roses this time but something different.  It's a great way for non-typical but also edgy and romantic floral style.

Beautiful purple-blue flower, wisteria flower gives you a powerful and romantic feeling, a feeling of endless love. Hanging flowers all over make the setting very intimate and personal.

For a romantic feel add hanging Lacy Ribbons or add a touch of bohemian, compliment by adding recycled sari ribbons.

They are perfect for that hanging chandelier effect,  makes the reception dinner table more intimate, but you can also use wisteria hanging backdrop in birthdays, home decorations. 

via weddingomania