Instructions For Floating Pearl Centerpieces how to make floating pearl centerpieces

Create stunning centerpieces with "Floating Pearls"  They are elegant, simple and beautiful.

Bungalow Daisy offers a large selection of colors and different sizes allowing you to be as creative as you want to. Our pearls do not have holes with the exception of a few colors.  Our no hole pearls gives it a finesse look making the no hole pearls a perfect fit for vase fillers for floating pearl centerpieces and for many vase fillers. Our simple step instruction will help you to understand the process.  Please keep in mind this step is for 1 vase allowing you to get a general idea how it is done.   

Transparent Gel Beads AKA Water Gel Beads, Crystal Soil Beads, is made of non-toxic  biodegradable poylmer that can hold its weight 100x times.  The gel beads is tiny and is about 1mm -1.5mm but will grow 100x times that once hydrated in water (about 6-10 hours)

For our demonstration, in our photo the vase is 7 x 5 inch  and square vase 5 x 5. When you receive your transparent gel beads (as shown photo #1) it will be very small.  But after adding water it will expand as shown in photo #2.

You will need the following items:

1.  500pcs transparent gel beads   Of course, if you are using more than 1 vase you will need to more.  500 gel beads which is about 2 teaspoon.

2. 80pcs Mix pearls, prefer no hole pearls for a finesse look or 30pcs is okay too. the amount of pearls you put is entirely up to you.  In this photo we have 80pcs mix jumbo pearls.  Be creative and incorporate other colors.  You may also use other size pearls

3.  Put entire pack (500pcs, or 2 teaspoon) into a vase or large container enough to hold 8 cups water.  500pc/2tsp, makes almost 4 cups as per photo here.

4.  Add 6-8 cups water.  Process can take up to 6-10 hours for gel beads to fully expand.  Using warm water can help expedite the speed of growth.

5.  Add fully hydrated gel beads into vase.

6.  Add pearls, you may also add gems to the mix if you prefer

7.  Add water up to 3/4 full

8  Stir and mix pearls

9. Add candles

​10.  ENJOY!!

CAUTION: For decoration only. Not a toy for kids. Keep out of reach of children.

Not for internal use.  May pose choking or other hazard. Do not dispose used beads into drains.

Usage for fresh flowers, artificial plant, candle arrangements and for creating floating pearl centerpiece.