How to decorate using Pearls as scatters, vase fillers

Decorating with pearls is a simple easy process and can create a stunning accents for home, wedding or any celebration. Pearls last forever, and compliments with whether your style is boho, farmhouse or traditional. Pairing with flowers will make it even more stylish.

Pearls are an all time classic. Especially if your theme is victorian - vintage romance style. Adding garlands of pearls, or scattering pearls around centerpieces will bring grace and elegant to your decor. Pearls comes in many size and shape, most popular is the round pearls that is used for table pearl confetti, pearls come with holes and without.  Many use pearls as decorations for vase fillers such as wine glass, mason jar and candle vase fillers, another great usage is sprinkling small size pearls on table as confetti and even fillers for make-up container.

The ever popular floating pearl centerpiece which has been very trendy these days for table top centerpiece.  The instruction calls for adding a hydrated water gel beads will help make the pearls float, without it the pearls will not float. specializes in selling floating pearl centerpieces, pearls that do not have holes.  The pearls are perfect for the floating pearl decorations and also sells the transparent gel beads to make the pearls float.  They carry a large collection of colors and size which you can create your own color palette that goes with any event theme.  One great thing about using pearls is that after the party is over, its reusable for home decorations and even other future projects.  


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