Submersible Flower Centerpiece For A Vintage Bohemian Decor

Finding the right table decoration for an event can be challenging especially if you want to do something unique. You can always opt for a traditional flower centerpiece which is a very common decoration but as a savvy person you want to try something different.

Budget is also important and you want to keep it elegant but not break the bank. One decor that is becoming very popular and inexpensive is the submersible floating flower centerpiece. Opting for a silk flower instead of fresh may be a good idea so you can actually recycle the silk flower after the celebration is over. They actually make nice DIY craft for a later on project and there are more choices for silk flowers all year. Some of the popular flowers used for submersible centerpiece are orchids, but the reality is you can use just about any flower, it just depends on your like and the wedding theme decor your going for.

For a more vintage,boho theme type decoration,  a nice silk rose, peony, daisy and cosmos is a more better fit for that type of celebration.  

Here are some vintage bohemian submersible decorating ideas for you to ponder on. 


 Via Floating Pearls