What Makes Recycle Sari Silk Ribbon Special?

Well first of all what is Recycle Sari Silk Ribbon?  Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon is a colorful ribbon made of 100% silk and is made from loose ends of Sarees collected from different silk mills in India that is torn in strips and sewn or tied together to make beautiful and colorful ribbons.  No two sari ribbon will ever be the same as each one is individually handmade and unique.  The colors are vibrant and textures of these silk fabrics.  The sari silk ribbon inspires knitters, artisans and designers.  

The popularity of recycled silk ribbon has gone beyond India and has created an empowering industry primarily benefiting women. The ribbon is completely made of recycled sari material from recycled clothing. Women in rural villages produce this unique and beautiful ribbons and other hand knitted silk yarn products.  This work provides additional income to support and improve their family earnings.  Everytime a purchase of recycle silk sari ribbon is made, we are doing our share of helping the women in India that work so hard to create this exquisite ribbon art to support there family.  

We offer an exquisite range of Recycled Ribbon in various colors including mint green, bubblegum pink amethyst, baby pink and more.  Recycled Ribbon is ideal for crochet, weaving, jewelry, book making, doll hair, embellishing, embroidery, free form knitting, rug hooking, and hottest trend in recycle ribbon is ribbon hanging backdrops use for birthdays, weddings, gift packaging and candle wraps, scrapbooking.  Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon they are the perfect companion to many craft projects.   And that is what makes the recycle sari silk ribbon special.