Wholesale 3lbTransparent Water Gel Beads Used For Floating Pearls and Vase Fillers

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3lb bag  makes 18 galloon of Transparent water gel beads.   Used for the hottest trend in the illusion of making pearls float. Its also use for flower arrangements, vase fillers and for wedding centerpiece decors.

Size of water pearl bead before fully develop is 1.5-2.0 mm and size will grow 10x that so about 10-20mm.

Developing time can take up to 6-12 hours. Using warm water will speed up the process.
Empty excess water after it is fully grown. Mix different colors to create rainbow centerpiece. You can add LED submersible lights, add to floral arrangements, add candles.

Use for any occasion or season. For Wedding, Party, Birthday, Graduation, etc.
These non-toxic polymers hold over 100 times their weight in water.

Instructions for using gel beads:


To Make 4-1/2 cups (1 liter) hyrdated water gel beads, you will need 2 teaspoon (10g) water gel beads. Add 1-2 quart cold water, allow 6-10 hours, overnight is better (warm water will expedite process) for them to expand. Be patience it will grow. Pour the hydrated gel beads in a strainer to drain any excess water

DO NOT RINSE. Ready to use:

For Floating Pearls: Need Vase large enough to hold 1 liter hydrated gel beads and extra room to add your adding floating candles, flowers, etc. Add water gel beads to bottom of vase, add your pearls, gems, flowers, etc. Add water and fill till you can't see the gel beads. Add floating candles, flowers, etc.

For Plants: Remove any soil from your plant and place it in the container of your choice. Add enough water to cover the plant's roots, then fill the remainder of the container as desired with beads.

For Cut Flowers: Add water until there is a base of approximately 1" on the bottom of the vase. Diagonally cut at least 1/2" off of the flower stems, then place them in the water. Fill the remainder of the vase with water beads.

For Silk Flowers: Wrap the silk flower stem(s) in wax paper or plastic wrap before placing in the vase. Add beads to the vase until the desired height is achieved.

**Caution: Water beads are not to be flushed down drains, swallowed or frozen. If the product should go down a drain, use straight table salt or rock salt and hot water to flush. Since our beads are not food products, we recommend keeping them out of the reach of small children as they may become a choking hazard. Also, sweep up any spills immediately as the beads become slippery when wet.